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Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting your journey into the world of currency, our selection offers a treasure trove of historical and rare pieces.

Collectible Coins
Discover a curated assortment of collectible coins spanning various eras, countries, and themes.

Rare and Historical Finds
Uncover rare and historical pieces that tell captivating stories of bygone eras. From limited edition coins to discontinued currencies, find elusive treasures for your collection.

Expand Your Collection
Whether you’re looking to start a collection or seeking specific additions, our shop provides opportunities to expand and enrich your numismatic journey.

Trade or Discover Hidden Gems
Trade in your collectible coins or banknotes for new additions to your collection or explore our inventory to discover hidden gems. Our collection is continually updated with new acquisitions.

Visit Us for Wonders
Join us at Ashley’s Pawn Shop and embark on a journey through time with our extensive collection of collectible coins and banknotes.